Days like these

12-12 01:20 board time

Jet, captain and writer of all the logbooks

What a perfect day this turned out to be! We sailed out of a frontal passage, had a bit of rain until 05:00h and then the skies cleared. We were expecting the wind to decrease to about 8 knots and turn to the south west. The last time it did that, we had to start the engine as the wind was to weak to keep the sails full, and we would get stuck in an area of no wind for days.. So we were sort of expecting it to do this again, in our heads we had not started the 3000 NM uninterrupted sailing miles for our cape horn voyage. But as the wind slowly decreased, so did the waves.. And with the smallest breeze and the biggest jib up front, we have been sailing through the day with a speed of 5 to 6 knots, enjoying blue skies with fluffy clouds, a cool breeze and a warm sun.

This also meant that we had already done over 200 miles of our 3000 and we are now officially doing everything in our power to make this an official Cape Horn rounding, sailing 3000 miles uninterrupted and crossing the 50’South on both the pacific and South Atlantic side.

During the day most of the crew were outside enjoying the sunshine. Chatting on the aft or reading a book on the middle deck. And now during the night watch, the moon is shining bright and lighting our way. The waves are easy going, the wind is slowly increasing and is expected to become 20 knots from the West in the next 4 to 8 hours. What a day!

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