December is beanie month

Book your voyage on board the Tecla in December and you will get a handmade Tecla beanie for free!! Our special early bird action is meant for those looking for an adventures voyage on board the Tecla and to look amazing while sailing her. You can choose your own beanie, if they have been chosen by someone, we will make sure to take them down from the website, as there is only one of each!! We are still making more beanies, so stay tuned for the latest. 

If you find YOUR beanie, book your voyage online and let us know which beanie stand out for you. This offer ends as the month Decembers comes to an end! 




On our way to Akureyri we sail into Eyjafjörður. This beautiful sheltered fjord is nearly  the longest fjord of Iceland and is always filled with Humpback and Minke whales! Sailing past the old whaling station Hjalteyri, you will find the whales feeding or resting. 


Blueberries and Rhubarb

You will not find them in the stores (or hardly), but in August Iceland goes wild on her berries and Rhubarb! They can be found in the wild, and as soon as August starts the Icelandic people start searching for any kind of basket or tray to be able to collect as many as possible out on their secret family spot!

Midsummers night - No longer available

Midsummers night, 21 of June, a night with only light in Iceland. The sun dips on the horizon to come up again on a splendid new day in the Arctic. 



Breidafjordur is situated on the West coast of Iceland. One of the many fjord in Iceland, but one that is filled with little gems of islands to visit and explore. 

The Beanie of St Magnus

A Saga of the Orkneys tells the tale of a gentle earl of the Orkneys that refused to fight. His story is now part of the Orkney history and as you sail to the Orkneys with this beanie on, you can get to know more about his history and fate. 


Aurora Borealis

Best seen when darkness is there, this crocheted beanie will keep you warm watching the night skies light up when collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun enter the earth’s atmosphere. Or as the vikings once called it The Bridge of the Gods, Bivröst.

Autum in Ittoqqortoormiit -No Longer Available

Ittoqqortoormiit – Greenland. A small settlement at the mouth of the Scoresbysund. A place of colour and things happening. 


Hesteyri in bloom

Hesteyri – situated at the edge of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is one of our favorite anchorages. When summer is in full bloom, the green grass is littered with purple, red and yellow flowers. This beanie is crochet with 4 strands of colorful Icelandic wool. 

Johnny be good

In looks and feel a proper sailing beanie. Warm on the head and tough in tough weather. This beanie will stand with you in any kind of weather. 


Cliffs of Kalsoy - no longer available

Kalsoy is one of the Faroe Islands – The cliffs of Kelsoy are over 780 meters high and come up straight out of the water. Green in spring and summer, harsh and windy in winter. This beanie will stay on your head, no matter what kind of weather!

The Greenhand

Maybe this is your first voyage on board – a true Greenhand on board the Tecla. This beanie out of Icelandic wool will keep you warm in Arctic climates and make sure your first voyage on board is a comfortably warm one!


Fugloy - Troll Island - -No Longer Available

It was once said that Fugloy was a drifting island, where Trolls lived. As the last and most North Easterly Island it was not inhabited until the trolls turned into grassy hills. This beanie out of Faroe wool will guard off the Trolls if ever visiting Fugloy. 

North West Passage

Way up in the North is a way though the ice, from East to West of from West to East. Here Caribous roam and woolen beanies are a must! 


Darach Ùr

Darach ùr – in Gaelic this means – NEW OAK. it stands for a beautiful color (and an amazing whisky, the favorite of Sam and Jet).  Enjoy he warmth and the color of this beanie as it reminds you of Scottish delights. 

Swabby - no longer available

With this Swabby beanie you will be able to take on the deck of the Tecla and set the sails – sailor style. Swabby, slang for sailor. 


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