Disko Bay


69’13N 051’10W

course 240

sp 6kn

Yesterday evening our new voyage crew joined. After our introduction and safety briefing, we spent the rest of the evening shifting berths. Ilulissat is a busy place this time of year. Boat of all sorts coming and going. When I went to say our goodbyes to the harbor master this morning, he apologized for not having a berth for us. There was really no need for that! It is a privilege being a part of all the rumble and tumble!

 The decks where frozen over in the morning as was part of the water in the darker corners of the harbor. It means we need to get a move on. Sue and Helen stayed after doing the big trip with us. They had to get used to the new setting but found their way quick enough. 0900 Time to cast of. Krista, back on board after 4 years, steered the boat clear of any dangers on the dock and took her in to the ice of Dysko Bay. Clear skies and freshly formed sea ice in the first of the four stages. Formation comes first then growth, deformation, and disintegration. We need to be in Ullapool before the second stage starts to happen and around Tenerife before the rest happens…

Hune Island is our destination for this afternoon. It is in the middle of the bay and will afford us unspoiled views over the area and its ice. Last night there also was a great deal of Nothrn Lights so our hopes are high for this evening. For now, we enjoy the beautiful morning and all the wonders it brings.

All is well Gijs

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