Dolphins and Dolphin fish (mahi mahi)

22’02.9N 020’24.0W course 192′ speed 6,2kn

This morning a very polite but excited voice rang through the hallway, trying not to wake anybody who did not want to be woken up, but insistent enough to get you out of your bunk if you were awake: “Dolphins! There are dolphins”. A group that was identified as spotted dolphins played in front of the bow for about 15 minutes before breaking away and heading in a different direction.

And then during the afternoon, the sound of the fish line reeling out sounded. Quickly Andy and Tim were on it, getting the line back in. But Andy was not sure there was actually any fish on the line, or maybe it had escaped already. As the line came in it became clear that there was something on it, but it was not very big. As Tim held the line, a very small Mahi Mahi or Dolphinfish was taken of the line and thrown back into the ocean. Its beautiful green and blue colors dazzled everybody. And we were all agreeing that this little guy or girl, should life to see another day and grow some more, have some offspring before we could think of it becoming our dinner.

Other then that, we have been sailing beautifully. A little wave keeps shaking us, but with a more Southerly course we are able to keep the sails full. During the evening the wind increased a little and we were averaging over 7 knots. Hopefully we keep this up during the day, but it looks like we will be becalmed soon enough. A band of high pressure area’s is descending on us and there seems no way around a day or so of very light winds.

Our picture of the day was won by Andy, a nice watch group picure.. but as he is not in my watch, I will have to send it later.

All well on board, Jet

On our way to:

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