Dolphins in disco colours and a nice sailing breeze

Dolphins in disco colours and a nice sailing breeze
In the last 24hours we
have been sailing beautifully with a nice breeze. The course is down wind and
sometimes (like now) the wind is a bit to much from the aft and we have to steer
a bit to high, but other then that, we are heading straight for the Azores. 134
miles to the waypoint.

All day we have been enjoying the sight of
playing dolphins at the bow. They disappear for a few hours and then a new group
arrives to play around in our bow wave. As the 00:00 watch started a new group
just arrived. In the pitch dark night (with only 10 minutes off moon left) they
came shooting at us like torpedo´s in the algae lit water. In front of the bow
they send up sparks as they splashed around and the water lit up all around.
What a way to start the night watch!

During the day we started the big
´spring´ clean before we arrive; outside and inside. The weather has been great,
sun shining all day and a cool breeze. The water is cooler and cooler, icy cold
compared to the Brazilian water. That will make us thing twice about a morning
swim when we find a nice Anchorage.

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