Don’t count your chickens before they hatch… Tel je kippen niet voor ze uit het ei zijn…….Verkoop de huid niet voor de beer is geschoten…….

Last week we made excellent progress through the S E trade winds. 15 knots of steady breeze saw us running under a cloud of sails. Every now and than a gybe to stay in range of the course line. Our main activity is the morning round to get rid of the flying fish. This week has been different. The slack winds leave us struggling to keep the boat going.

The flogging of the sails ask for frequent repairs as the afternoon sun burns a hole in the sun screen supply… Our mood how ever is an optimistic one. Every time one of us comes up with a fantasy meal we don’t dwell on it we just cook it. Lamb roast in the Dutch oven on the BBQ with Dutch” appelmoes” to wash it down. And if we want pizza 4 time a week we eat pizza 4 time a week. Sourdough  starters are working perfect in these temperatures! And we are drying some Lomo sausages. They should be ready in 3 weeks.

Loes revert to the flogging sails as a crowd cheering us along! We can relate to this thought and try even harder to push the boat faster. Some of our goods are reaching there expire date. The eggs had to go… What do four boys do with 180 eggs? Exactly! Jonny tried to catch one with his face but failed. They are slippery buggers! Of course we also trail a fishing line but with out any luck so far. All in all live is good on this side of the rainbow.

All is well Jonny Enki Nico Gijs

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