Last minute - Extra Scotland trips

Due to last minute cancelation – EXTRA SCOTLAND TRIPS

Due to a lastminute cancellation the Tecla and her crew will be offering 4 new trips in the month June! And where else would we go but to Scotland after being received so friendly and welcoming! And the voyages leading up to Scotland have a special discount on them! Sail from Arradon to Falmouth for €450! Or from Falmouth to Liverpool for €540!

So for those who have missed out on sailing to St Kilda or across the Irish Sea, here is your last minute chance!

T2015-extra1Sadie op uitkijk

Our first out of schedule trip will take us from Liverpool to Oban. Possible stop overs during this trip will be Isle of Man, Islay, Jura and Mull. With 7 days to cross only a small distance there will be enough time to visit some of the best spots of Scotland. Don’t forget to visit some of the greatest Whiskey breweries and go for a walk to see some of the best views.


Ullapool at anchorT2015-extra2

The second voyage will take you from Oban to Ullapool. Possible stopovers will be the island Mull, Rum, North or South Uist and the amazing St Kilda Islands. The island group St Kilda is about 40 nautical miles out of the Outer Hebrides ring. Hirta, the biggest island, gives enough shelter from the Atlantic swell to go at anchor. On Hirta there are rangers who can show you around and tell you more about the island and its former inhabitants. In Ullapool you will be welcomed by the local fishers, and if their catch of the day is Lobster, you are in for a treat!


The third extra trip will take you from Ullapool to St Kilda and back to Ullapool. Of course it is all weather permitting. Possible stop overs will be the island Harris, Uist, St Kilda and Skye. From Ullapool, St Kilda is only two days sailing. So even if there is too much wind in the beginning of the week, you might still be able to visit the islands in the last days of the trip.


Last extra trip will take you from Ullapool to the start harbour of the Tall Ships Races 2015, Belfast. Possible stopovers will be St hirta underwayKilda, Skye, Islay or even Isle of Arran. If you are joining us for the Tall Ships Races, race 1, this is the ideale opportunity to get some training before the race starts! If you are not joining into the race, this still gives you the chance to get a little of the Tall Ships atmosphere.

On board the Tecla you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with good food, nice people and always something new to do. Take this unique opportunity to get out there and discover Scotland!

Voyage #FromTillDaysDescriptionPrize 15-25Prize 25>Book now!
T2015-418-5-201525-5-20158Vannes, France // Falmouth, England // 450 NM€450 (£320)€450 (£320)
T2015-526-5-20154-6-201510Falmouth, England - Liverpool, England // 400NM€540 (£385)€540 (£385)
T2015-extra15-6-201511-6-20157Liverpool, England - Oban, Scotland // 350NM€630 (£450)€630 (£450)
T2015-extra212-6-201518-6-20157Oban, Scotland - St Kilda - Ullapool, Scotland€630 (£450)€630 (£450)
T2015-extra319-6-201525-6-20157Ullapool, Scotland - St Kilda - Ullapool, Scotland // 300NM€630 (£450)€630 (£450)
T2015-extra425-6-20152-7-20158Ullapool, Scotland - Belfast, Northern Ireland 400NM€630 (£450)€630 (£450)