Endless days in Iceland

Setting sail for the North has its advantages – especially thinking of the very shorts days we are experiencing in the Netherlands right now. In the North the days will start to get longer and longer, until the day doesn’t end any more! With the sun not setting at all, get in all the sunshine you are missing out on today, just a few days away from the shortest day.  Experience endless days in Iceland.

Sail away with the Tecla to explore Iceland and its amazing beauties! Sail with us during the longest day, between Reykjavik and Isafjordur. Go for a hike while the sun doesn’t set, maybe sit at a firefight that brings warmth but does not have to bring light! Or sail all the way to the Arctic Circle during one of our trips in the Norths from Isafjordur to Akureyri or back from Akureyri to Isafjordur.

If you have any questions about our voyages, please contact us through email (info@tecla.nl) or give us a call +31 642213951.

And if you join us on one of our later voyages, you might be amazed when the Aurora Borealis fills Iceland’s night skies with colors bright and amazing.

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