EZS Medal of Honor award

Circum navigators awarded EZS Medal of Honour

The Lugger Tecla, the Bark Europa and the Schooner Oosterschelde completed their global circum navigation last year. The three historical ships started their voyage in 2012 and sailed close to 50.000 nautical miles around the world, following the old Dutch trade routes and rounding three capes in the process. Jet Sluik was on board for the complete voyage. In her acceptance speech she struggled to pick the most beautiful or most memorable moment of all, but failed. “Each time you think: ‘nothing can top this’, the rounding of Cape Horn for example, another fabulous memory will pop up. Like our visit to a volcanic island or the reception we got on the island of Mauritius. There are so many memorable moments that I simply can’t single out just one of them.” Jet Sluik, speaking before a packed crowd at the Enkhuizen Wester church of nautical college graduates, teachers, government officials and others, said that the adventure all graduates are now to embark on, is something very special and something to be cherished: “Whether you are rounding the Cape of Good Hope or sailing from the island of Terschelling to Ameland: Enjoy it. Live it. And realize how fortunate you are.”

The EZS awards the EZS Medal of Honour annually to those who have been important for the sail charter trade sector. Among the laureates are ship captains, politicians and entrepreneurs.

The EZS is a Dutch nautical college preparing students for a professional career at sea or the inland waterways on traditional sailing ships. Courses in Dutch and English attract students from all around the world. More information: www.dutchtallships.com www.tecla-sailing.com www.oosterschelde.nl www.barkeuropa.nl


10364194_835422649866079_3181958725961669788_nThis News comes straight from the European Maritime Heritage website http://european-maritime-heritage.org/news.aspx?news=60


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