After a quick trip from Muckla Flogga the most northern tip of the UK we arrived at Torshavn. Sadly enough we had to say goodbye to Sheila. She very unfortunately hurt her finger during sail handling on arrival at Burra firth. She was looked after by Rachel one of the locals. 

Torshavn is the capital of Faroe. It is home to 20 000 people and was first settled in 900ad. A ragging fire destroyed most of the old town. However, a small portion of the turfed roof dwellings remains at Tinganes. This is also where the old parliament housed for nearly 7 centuries. Yesterday morning we were of early to Klaksvik. Here we split up into two groups. One to take the ferry to Kalsoy to hike up to the light house and the other was bound for Europe’s highest bird cliffs on Enniberg. Both suffered a similar faith… Fog moved in to hide al the natural beauty the islands have to over. On the slope we could barely see 20 meters. We tried and that is wat counts. Back on sea level the fog seemed to lift, and I didn’t look back… This is how it goes sometimes. Currently we are under way for the bird cliffs on Vagar. A last scenic sail before we set of for the land of ice and fire

All is well


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