Around (the) Disko we go.

Tecla Diskobay

After finding our way into a beautiful anchorage at Fortunebay, we had a good night rest (thanks to a small team of anchor watch keepers) and started of fresh this morning.

First a short hike, some morning gym, before setting of into the fog. Because the fog was still there. And so were the icebergs!

Simon started off with a head start in the small fishing match between him, Sam and Gijs, as he started before breakfast. He caught and released several wolf-fishes, the Atlantic Wolf fish to be exact, two very small Cod fishes and a very strange looking fish I believe was called a skelpie. Seeing mainly smaller fishes, it was mentioned that this might be a sort nursery, a place where small fishes can grow big before heading out to deeper waters. So all were thrown back after a good examination. Last nights dinner was fish, we can wait a little before catching the next meal!

As we left Fortunebay, the wind turned out the be exactly what we expected, hardly there, or against us. Not a good sailing day.

Right now we are at anchor at Nipisat, a small bay, away from icebergs and sheltered because it is shallow. The group is a shore for a hike to an old whaling station and an old archeological find of an old settlement of Inuits, from before the Danish or even Dutch discovered Greenland.

Tomorrow we set off again for the next bit. Depending on the wind and forecast we will start our crossing to Canada tomorrow or the day after. Ice reports are looking better and better. But we are still not in a hurry. fffff

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