Force 11 gusting, meters high waves building up

Force 11 gusting, meters high waves building up, but barometer rising!
Today we spend the whole day hoved to. The wind increased rather then it decreased in
the afternoon, so we decided we would stay another night under mizzen sail. The
barometer has been going up all day long and has now reached 1002Hp. During the
day the wind was up to 11 bf gusting violently, but now at sunrise the wind is
easing out slightly and so the prospects off the day look good. Hopefully we
will be sailing again soon.

During the day most of us spend their time
reading, sleeping, watching some series or playing a game. Although it was very
nice and quiet inside, the wind was howling outside and the waves that had build
up to 4 meters were rocking us. This made sitting still on the high side of the
sitting area a challenge! Every now and then somebody would wonder out side for
some fresh air or to just have a look and come back with a totally new hair do.
Wind styled, a wild and totally unique look on anybody!

So no real news
from our side. The most exciting things during our day were the birds still
flying or hanging out around the boat, the food and the finish of one season of
series, and the start of a new season..

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