Fortune Bay anchorage

It is the second day of the virtual North West Passage and there was hardly any wind as we made our way out of Ilulissat and into Disko Bay. Disko Bay is an area where people go to see Icebergs. And as you make your way between them, it sometimes feels like all the icebergs were born here.

Next to Ilulissat is Jakobshavn glacier, truly the birthing place of many icebergs and a mighty sight to see. If you can see it. In 2019, we left Ilulissat under the cover off fog and had our head in the radar most of the time while getting out of the harbor and most of our way while passing Jakobshavn glacier.

Below you will find our logbook entree of our departure from Ilulissat in 2019. We had similar weather forecast as this year, light winds around Disko Island and variable for the next day.. After that.. the weather will differ a bit from what it was in 2019. Lets see how we went and how we get along in virtual 2020!

Blog of the first two days :

This morning started with a cooler air then the last few days. After clearing out and stamping out, we were unpleasantly surprised at the sight of not just fog, but also Bergybits coming into the harbor of Ilulissat. One bergybit made it around the corner of the entrance and came straight for our berth. We had postponed our departure with an hour due to the fog, but as we had to shift berth for the launch of a small fishing vessel, we thought we might as well set of. The beginning of our adventure – the beginning of our attempt to sail through the North West Passage. With radar turning and look outs on both sides, we ventured into the thick fog.

It is now evening when I write this. But the sun is still shining. Behind yet another cover of fog, but it is still very bright. We made our way out of the first bit of the bay, very slowly. We had to swurl around two cruise vessels at anchor, some ice bits and then some icebergs, but we made it out safely. Around 18:00, the fog lifted for a few hours, but has settled in again. We have decided to anchor later this night. Right now there is no wind to sail with, wind is expected in a few days, so we will make the most of our time and do some exploring along the Disko Bay area, until we have some wind to cross over to Canada. Ice reports still give 9/10 for Resolute, so we are not yet in a hurry.

3-8 2019

After finding our way into a beautiful anchorage at Fortunebay, we had a good night rest (thanks to a small team of anchor watch keepers) and started of fresh this morning.

First a short hike, some morning gym, before setting of into the fog. Because the fog was still there. And so were the icebergs!

Simon started off with a head start in the small fishing match between him, Sam and Gijs, as he started before breakfast. He caught and released several wolf-fishes, the Atlantic Wolf fish to be exact, two very small Cod fishes and a very strange looking fish I believe was called a skelpie. Seeing mainly smaller fishes, it was mentioned that this might be a sort nursery, a place where small fishes can grow big before heading out to deeper waters. So all were thrown back after a good examination. Last nights dinner was fish, we can wait a little before catching the next meal!

As we left Fortunebay, the wind turned out the be exactly what we expected, hardly there, or against us. Not a good sailing day.

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