Fredrikstad has come and gone

Fredrikstad has come and gone and so have many other smaller and bigger cities in the last week or so. Our racing trainees went home on a bus or stayed a bit longer in Norway and now we are underway cruising along the Norwegian south and south west coast. And so far it has been amazing.

The biggest highlight so far has been (except from sailing of course) the entrance to Arendal and our stay in Skudeneshavn. To get to Arendal we had to go through a beautiful inlet and underneath a big bridge. This was after a long stretch of tacking into a strong north wind and so it was a well deserved and welcome break!

On Sunday just after noon we entered the harbour of Skundenes, on the island Karmoy. This was really a very warm welcome. With a festival going on and people greeting us along the key we instantly felt welcome. The town is so lovely with all the white painted wooden houses, the lovely small streets and beautiful walk way along the water.
Next morning we left early for a nice sail, and it really was! We went through the fjord on the inside of the island and eventually the wind turned with us after every corner of the fjords. We sailed close hauled, a beam reach and a full down wind track all on the same course. We butterflyed the sailes and sailed into the harbour of Leirvik, where we are now, along side the Pelican of London. Tomorrow… more fjords!

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