Friday for the second time!

Friday for the second time!
So today was Friday all over again! This morning we set our clocks back across the date line and so went back in time 24 hours! Now we really are on the west side of the world.
We are making our way down to 50 degrees south, our plan is to be on 51 degrees south at 140 degrees west, another 1266 miles to go to this point. The wind has dropped a bit coming from the North, the weather has been grey and drizzly all day. This does not get anybody down though, everybody is still smiling and happy. The waves increased gradually during the day.

Yesterday morning (the second Friday!) we saw pilot whales and on different occasions we have seen a seal or sea lion follow us around. Other than that there are of course the amazing albatrosses following us around. We caught one fish so far, a barracuda, but not big enough to feed us.. and no space in the freezer yet.. so we set it back out again. The guide tells us, that catching this fish might mean that you have entered a cold current.. and we thought they were right. Summer has not shown its sunny face yet.

Downstairs the heater is on and outside we keep warm with big stories and the red watch is singing Walt Disney songs.

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