From oat porridge to cookie

Changing oat porridge into a nice little cookie is not as easy as it may seem. It takes a lot of stirring, extra ingredient and sugar to make it nice and sweet. But it makes oat porridge into something desirable, even for those who have sworn not to eat oat porridge ever again.

Turning a School at Sea student into a Tecla trainee is a lot easier. Things are running smooth on board, most of the seasickness has been left behind us, even now with a strange North swell running, most of the group are able to do the dishes down below or fill in the logbook in the aft cabin.

The day has been one filled with changes. We took down all the sails yesterday morning because the wind had totally disappeared. Just before dinner we were able to set the sails again and start sailing. Which made our dinner a nice and quiet one. but our course soon changed, taking us away from our goal with almost 1 knot per hour. So the watch tacked the ship and off we went.. due West with a small hint of South in it… not really our goal.. As the current started to turn against us, we had to turn the engine back on again, after 7 hours sailing.. WInd has totally died out now, should return in the evening…

Outside the sun is starting to rise again. The sky is light blue turning into a fresh yellow. If we needed to, we could read a book on the aft with this light and it is becoming lighter every mile we go north!


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