From Pollywog to Shellback, crossing the line!

Rolling and tumbling through the soft trade winds, we made it to the Equator once again! The books all say “make for a point of 05N and 25W and find the north east trade winds from there.” The tricky bit is not having to deal with the light winds in the Doldrums. We didn’t quite make 25’ West because our winds kept us from making any West without South in it. The further to the West, the less one has to deal with slack winds. However there is a pay back… Once in the North East trade winds, a course closer to the wind is necessary to be able to lay the mark. I had hoped, the winds further North would be better and good for us, they are. Also the rolling kept us from sailing downwind properly. 

As a Ketch we are only as good as our mizzn lets us! We crept over the line last night at 23:28’12 UTC pos 00’00S/N 018’26’4W. Of course not without old Neptune’s permission. He came on board disguised as a 19 year
old blond boy/man… Our Pollywogs are no longer, but we have two new Shellbacks. He read us a marvellous poem, truly impressive and wished us well. 

We had a swim (as is Tecla’s custom) between the Southrn Cross and the Great Dipper. The scene was well lit up by a silver moon light! 

(pictures are of previous voyages!)

I suddenlysaw that Jonny was out of place, he lost his bearings on this strange part of the world. Abducted from his native lands of Patagonia. Just like Jimmy Button was by Capt. Fitzroy so many years ago… We toasted with a wine and got going again! No time to waste. 

There are important matters at stake. Bark Europa is thundering down the South Atlantic with alarming speeds.
Their crew seems eager as ever! And so am I! This is personal! Captain Eric beat us in the 2013 tall ship race to New Zeeland (fair and square) and that I have not forgotten… One boat is a cruise two is a race ;). Please Capt
Gaastra give us a waypoint and rules of engagement (no rating system please, if you do pick a rating system we only have half a jib boom…;) and we gladly except the challenge! 

All is well Nico, Jonny, Enki, Gijs!

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