From swallow tattoos to dry dock

Three of our crew have been on board for the whole circumnavigation. In New Zealand, just over half of the world tour, they went to a tattoo shop, to eternalize a small part of their experience. Sailor tattoos are something covered with a form of superstition, but also with strength and hope.

Like the nautical star symbolizing the North Star to help the sailor navigate, to not lose his way. Like the dragon for Indian ocean ventures. Like the swallow. A symbol for 5000 nautical miles sailed at sea – but also the symbol for returning home. Something so fitting for Tecla crew that just sailed the whole circumnavigation.

Now we are back in the Netherlands with 7 swallows on our name. Returning home, after over 35.000 miles sailed (almost 65.000KM) is something crazy. Insane. Beautiful. Unreal.

The Tecla is in the dry dock in IJmuiden. Work is being done on all sides, painting, engine room, chartroom, everywhere. Hopefully we will be back in the water before the end of the week and can get the ship and her crew ready for the start of the Tall Ships Races in Harlingen. For the crew it is strange to get used to being back. So many stories to tell and so many people to see!

So we have come up with a solution.. During the festival in Harlingen we will host 2 special Dutch Tall Ships Experiences on board the three Dutch Tall Ships – Europa, Oosterschelde and Tecla. Here the crew will be available to tell strong stories about huge oceans, tiny waves and how every new country or place visited seemed more special than the previous.

Please come and see us in Harlingen on the 4th and the 5th of July – on Friday the 4th we will have the Dutch Tall Ships Experience between 19:00 and 21:30 hours and on the 5th the ships will be open between 10:00 to 14:00 hours for the special Dutch Tall Ships tour.

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