Gerlache Strait


Gerlache Strait

After a moon lite night we woke to a sunny Antarctica. The white mountains radiating in the sunlight. Our safe anchorage protected us from the wind and ice. With the anchor on one side of the moraine and the ship on the other we where out of reach from the bigger bergy bits. Yesterday we celebrated two birthdays. One for Karsten and one for George. After a night along side the Govnorn, an old rusty hulk of a whaler, we set of early to beat the crowds at Portal Point. Welcomed by 10 to 15 orcas we where very stoked! However all our best efforts to be the first at Portal Point where of no a fail. The big boys where out there like flies on a pile of… This asked for a radical change of plans. These birthdays where not going to be ruined…

So of exploring we went. A nice slope way deep into the Chorlotte Bay found our fancy. No pinguins so nice and clean snow. Glacial scenery at its best, and a continental landing as well! A short but steep accent to look down on to the ice wall with one of the best slides down!!! Every one got their fill. Joan even took her big camera down the slide! Well done!

Next, lunch underway to Grahams Passage. A narrow piece of water that cuts of Bluff Island from the mainland. Wouw!!!!!!!! Full of ice and with no certainty of a happy end we carefully plotted on. The sun appeared with a shy smile as we turned the corner. We found Murry Hr waiting for us basking in the sun! Out with the cake and champagne! We have to celebrate! With great big grins the dingy was launched and a little expedition to the top of a head land got underway! Perfect day! Currently our situation has not changed for the worse! We have just gybed and are making good progress to another secret little spot on the Peninsula.

All is well Gijs

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