Get ready to rumble!!!!!

11-12 01:30 board time

WIND! We started sailing again in the early hours of the past day. Setting the mainsail with just one watch and then being able to turn off the engine just before the new watch was on, was a magical moment. The first few hours took some effort to keep the sails full though. Course changes to keep the wind over the deck and playing with the sheets to make it all possible. In the afternoon the wind really picked up. Around lunch we changed from a big jib to the second jib and as shower was chasing us and we were doing 9 knots down wind, we also reefed the mainsail.

The shower passed behind us, leaving us with 5 knots less wind, but still ok with the mainsail reefed. Now, with a reef in the mizzen as well, we are still doing 9 knots comfortably, on a course due South. Sometimes we surf a little with the waves and get the whole ship shaking and rumbling! In the back of our minds we know the wind will die out soon enough and we are just making as many miles south as possible, to not get stuck in a becalmed bit of ocean again after a frontal passage.

The weather report has been stable the last few days, no big changes and if we make it through this patch of light winds for the next 24 hours, we will soon pick up the true westerlies and hit the roaring forties in no time!

This afternoon we were sitting outside, sunshining, water as blue as it could be, when we thought we spotted a albatross. That would be the first for this voyage, we have been low on wild life for the past few days.. This enormous bird was a welcome sight!

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