Heading South

CG 160
SP 4.5
Weather, Drizzle

Winter is approaching fast.

Every day we lose more and more daylight. If the nights are clear the decks are often frozen over in the early morning. But what a sight the fjords are. Basking in the autumn sun the hills are shinning in a bright red color! After leaving Nuuk we decided to take one more day in the fjords north of the capital. Eqaluit Ilordlit, 35nml to the north is our home for the night. It is popular with locals for fishing and shooting. Once at anchor we set of for the hill’s strait away. Some go further than others, but all take advantage of the lovely day.

Next morning, we are of with an early start. Fearingehavn Is our destination. We sat out a patch of southerlies the day before, but all seems calm again. The tide soon spits us out of the fjords and into the coastal passage. We anchor of the abandoned fishing harbor and set of to explore the shore. The ghost town looks spooky with the low clouds in the back. It is still used as a summer fishing camp but is in need of some serious maintenance. An old rusty hull lays in one of the back creeks with its bottom plating long gone. In another nook the remains of a whale are still visible when the tide is out.

 Today and tomorrow we are going to make use of the light winds to make some miles south. We hope to reach the entrance of the Prince Christian Sund. Here we will cut the corner north of Cape Farvel and get ready for the crossing to Iceland.

All is well Gijs

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