Hornstrandir Hrafnsfjordur

Hornstrandir, a 10 day get away!

Tecla will spent most of her time under the watchful eye of Drangajokull. This season even a little longer than expected. Due to cancelations on our first Greenland voyage we have decided to stay in Iceland instead. Our second Greenland voyage will still go ahead.

Tecla sailing out of Hesteyrifjord

The West Fjords offer all a salty explorer needs and more. Filled with unspoiled anchorages and glowing meadows that stretch to the shore line we have never been disappointed in the six seasons spent here! 

Laying just 10 miles south of the Arctic circle it is hard to belief there is such a wealth of flora and fauna. The bird life is some of the best in the world. Puffins can be seen flying to and from there burrows, while the Guillimots and Razorbills share the steep cliffs with Kittywakes. Hornstrandir is only reached by boat. There are no roads and no villages as the last people left in the early 1950’s. Hornstrandir has looked after itself and it creatures ever since and is thriving.

Arctic foxes can be seen hunting the birds nesting on the cliffs. The young are out playing and getting ready for the winter that is always so near.

Life is buzzling with the never ending flow of birds setting out to sea. Fog banks rolling in from the Arctic colliding with the massive cliffs make for a dramatic setting in the ever changing evening light. The landscape is formed by the Glacier Drangajokull and has fjords facing every wind direction.

Isafjordurdjup is the main Fjord with the little Viking town of Isafjordur in its center. It is only half a day by car from Reykjavik or half an hour by plane. It is however the last place before setting of into Icelands wilderness. The distances are relatively short. A new safe place to spent the day can always be found within 30 miles. A perfect setting for a 10 day voyage of joy full exploring!

This voyage will be longer then our more regular Hornstrandir voyages, this will give us more space to set sail to the best spots and not miss out on any of the real exploring of Hornstrandir. If we can not get around to the Horn at Hornvik in the first week, maybe those extra days will get us there. 

Would you rather set out for a week? Due to cancelations, we still have berths available on our week voyage as well!

Whale in Hornstrandir

Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is uninhabited, unspoiled, unreachable by anything other then a boat and utterly beautiful.


Flying to Isafjordur is done from the small national airport at Reykjavik. There is one flight per day. It is also possible to rent a car in Reykjavik and drop it off in Isafjordur if you are up for a road trip!!

On board the Tecla we take on 12 persons, individuals or groups. The minimum size for this voyage to take place will be at least 4 persons. (you will be kept up to date on this via email). This means we can easily hoist all the sails together and organize some amazing group activities. Together with your fellow travelers, you will set sail, hike, explore with the dinghy, have amazing dinners, some drinks on the deck or a quiet moment for yourself with a nice book or a diary. There is no cellphone reception on our anchorages, so you will really be out there in the quiet. 

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Covid 19 precautions are taken at the airport. All persons entering Iceland will be tested and are not allowed to travel in Iceland until they have the results of the test. This will be within 24 hours of the test. Thus your first night will be spend in a hotel in Reykjavik before being able to fly on to Isafjordur. The test costs around €80 per test. For more information you can check out this Icelandic website www.covid.is (available in English or German). 

Would you like to have more information before booking, please send us an email! 

10 day voyage

Having fun in the snow

15 - 25 years old €1.300
25>years old €1.600

28-7-'20 // 6-8-'20
7-8-20' // 17-8-'20