Hornstrandir T2016-6

T2017-6  Isafjordur – Isafjordur – Glowing meadows in Hornstrandir

15-jun-17                 21-jun-17

Price 25> years  € 1.260,00             Price 15-25 years   € 1.070,00

These two shorter trips will focus on the Isafjardadjup area and are easy to combine with a longer stay on the Island. With its main attraction Hornstrandir National Park. The area was largely abandoned in the second world war. To get there you really need a ship. With the Tecla you will visit bird islands, you will hike up the hill where the largest glacier of Hornstrandir is and so much more. The sailing days include some maneuvering, but the days do not have to be long, as the distances can be kept short.

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