Below you will find a slightly old logbook.. our internet connection is not the best in the world.

Yesterday we were joined by the EUROPA! We are once again moored next to each other! Dutch Tall Ships on the Azores.

In the meantime we are moored on the side of the fishing boats. This is more a working dock where we belong while we are sanding down wood and working on the deck. The marina where we stayed for 8 days is very well kept and the super yachts that come and go are spectacular. But with crews polishing and washing the deck, our dust making machines might have been out of place.

Now we watch the yachts entering the harbour from a distance, their masts (higher than our two masts combined) way up high and their lines made for speed. Horta is the place to be! On our new side we look with amazement to what the fishermen drag off their ships. The one behind us, was filled with sharks. Bunch by bunch they hoisted them out of the hull into a truck. The one in front of us is an old lady, still very well maintained, totally made out of wood. Her hull is filled with tuna’s. The biggest tuna’s I have ever seen! At least 100 or maybe even 150 kilo’s a piece, great big animals, not like a fish at all! Sam and Tony discussed what we need to catch fish like that on the Tecla.. I am not sure that we could handle a fish like that on the Tecla…!

Yesterday afternoon we got a little show from a local longboat. They tacked their way through the harbour and made everybody jealous to be out there sailing. After that we went for a late afternoon stroll through Horta. We have discovered the fruit and vegetable marked and the best view of the small whale fishing bay on the other side of Horta. All together a very nice Sunday afternoon.

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