Tecla in South Georgia

How to get there and around

The Tecla travels around the world to the most exclusive and remote places… but to get to the Tecla, can some times be the very start of the adventure!! Where is the ship, how do I get there, how many planes and once I am there… then what?! Here you will find some information on planes, connections, and travel advice (as far as we can give you any). For those traveling who have Facebook, please make sure you become a member of our Tecla Explorers Facebook group. In this closed group, you can share information with other who may be traveling in the same direction, the group is called Tecla Expedition Members.

How to get there...


Reykjavik: Fly to International Airport, Keflavik. Take the bus to Reykjavik. Many busses will stop along a route with hotels. Ask to stop at the Harpa Opera house. The yachtharbor is just behind it. Walking from the busstation takes about 30 minutes. 

Isafjordur: Fly to Keflavik International Airport, take the bus to BSI busstation in Reykjavik (45 minutes), take taxi or walk 15 minutes to Reykjavik domestic airport. In Isafjordur, you can take the bus at the airport (there is only 1) this bus can drop you off at the ship or at your hotel if you arrive early. Flying away from Isafjordur, you can take the bus that begins at Isafjordur Hotel, it leaver 45 minutes before the plane leaves. 


Nuuk: Nuuk is the capital of Greenland, it has a direct connection to Copenhagen. Arriving in Nuuk, a taxi can be taken to the harbor. 

Ilulissat: Flying to Ilulissat, requires a stop over in Kangerlussuaq, in the middle of Greenland. Arriving in Ilulissat, you can take a taxi to the harbor. If you have booked a hotel in Ilulissat, normally the Hotel picks you up as a curtesy. 

Falkland Islands

Stanley: Flying to the Falklands can be done in three ways.

On Wednesday you can fly in from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Or Saturdays you can fly in from Santiago de Chili, with a stop in between in Punta Arenas, Chili. Both flights are organized by LATAM Air and provide return flights on the same day.

A third way is the Airbridge leaving from Brize Norton, straight to the Falklands. This flight is organized by the UK ministry of Defense. For Airbridge flight information contact our Travel Co-ordinator on travel@falklands.gov.fk


Puerto Williams: To reach Puerto Williams, you fly with DAP Airlines, they operate from Punta Arenas and fly too Puerto Williams daily. For more information please visit their website https://dapairline.com/en/home/

Puerto Natales: Fly to Santiago International Airport, from here LATAM Airlines flies to Puerto Natales daily.

Puerto Montt: Fly to Santiago International Airport, from here LATAM Airlines flies to Puerto Montt daily.

Easter Island: Isla de Pascues or Rapa Nui is also operated by LATAM air, from Santiago de Chile. These flights are not daily. Also before flying make sure you fill out the Easter Island Single Entry form. https://www.chile.travel/en/traveltochileplan/ 


Papeete: Flying to Tahiti is done on Papeete International Airport. You can fly in via Los Angeles or San Fransisco, or even Hawaii. 

The airport is very close to the harbor, a short taxi drive will get you right to us.