Humans of Tecla

In 15 years of sailing the Tecla we have met some pretty awesome people. We have sailed with some of our expedition crew year after year, some only once, but leaving an impression for ever. We sail with people from all over the world and their stories are as diverse as the color of the water and the sky.

And in homage of this, we have made a facebook page, Humans of Tecla. Here we would like to share some of their stories with you. Who are these expedition members that sail the Tecla and keep coming back for more stories. Why do they feel connected to this 105 year old vessel and what is their experience on board.

We hope these stories inspire. We hope these stories show the human side of our traditional sailing vessel and entice you to dream of your time spend on board or your time on board to come.

For those who have never sailed the Tecla before and are a little anxious about stepping on board into a group of people they have never met, these stories will introduce some of the people who sail with the Tecla. This might help introduce what kind of group you will sail with.

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