Humpbacks and more

29-1-2023 1430 utc 64’00S 061’06W course 205 speed 6 kn

Sky’s are low but the spirits are high! Yesterday morning we left Deception Island. We crossed the Bransfield Strait towards the Palmer Archipelago, Trinity Island to be more precise! Wind forcast wasnt good for the northern part of the South Shetlands. Looked like a strong breeze was going to push through! And sure enough it did. By that time we where at anchor and safely tuged away from the easterlies in the lee of Tetrad Islands. When we arrived we where quick to launch the dingy for a little cruise. Landing on on of the Islands was the highlight of the day. The dingy had its own harbor and we where able to explore the chinstrap colony and the ice cap on top of the Island. Closely followed by the nesting skua’s we  made our way to the top to check out the beacon. The view was great but the snow made us retreat quicker then we wanted. Back in the little boat we ventured a further into the bay but the thought of warm gluwein and the constant spray made us turn around! Back on board Tecla we got everything ready for the night and quickly moved inside! The Humpback flukes of the afternoon where the main topic of discussion and so the snow and wind out side where soon forgotten! This morning we where able to leave under sail. A great way to start the day. The passing Humpback where the icing! Who cares about snow when you are that close to the wild live! Murry Hr here we come!

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