Ice bergs and glaciers

30-1-2023, 2300 utc 64’32S 062’00W course: Port side along side, speed…


2 inches of snow!!! That was our night at anchor in Murray harbor. When we arrived yesterday afternoon the weather was so thick we decided to stay on board and enjoy the views. The wind had picked up as did the snowing. We found a great shelter in Murray harbor. It is a glacial cut with a nice terminal moraine in the middle. The  least water  over the bar is about 5 meters so it keeps out the big stuff. and when the tide or wind turns you just move to the other side! when we came in yesterday I asked Hidde to let go port side. I thought we where on the right side of a stranded bergy bit. However when we got closer I wasnt so sure. Hidde picked up  the anchor and we shifted to the other side of the moraine. Al seemed well. I realy though that bergy bit wouldnt make it over the bar… Boooom and a great shake.. ah the bergy bit must have wiggled its way over the shallows… It only kissed our cheeks and went of on its way. We had devided our selfs in “ice”watches and that meant every one was on lookout for one our during the night. I was woken up by Dirk at 2400 because of a big berg. Of course I thought it wouldnt be so bad, but sure enough there it was. Not a bergy bit but a proper ice berg was stranded a 150 meters in front of us! That is why we where anchored on the lee side of the moraine I said to Dirk. But I did turn on the RADAR with an alarm to make sure I knew if this one also made it over the bar… Of course that was impossible but still a piece could fall of…

Enterprise harbour

Any way not alot of sleep but a nice lair of snow. It took us the better part of the morning to clear the deck. Most of it was done by endless snow ball fights. Hidde put boobbietraps  on every door and Renee took of her glofs and got into it as well! First stop was Portal Point, a continental landing. Normally there would be a great view into Charlot bay, but not to day… The excursion was good enough any way, cant have it all everyday. We ended at Enterprise Island port side along side the Governoren an old whaling hull from times past. The weather cleared up and al of a sudden we where back in that special place. Best way to end the day! Blue sky’s and no ice watch! Till to morrow! All well.

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