Ilulissat – Beechey island – Nuuk

A taste of the North West Passage.

In 2019 the Tecla made her way through the North West Passage successfully. An enormous voyage, with so many highlights! But one of the most thrilling parts and beautiful experiences was a visit to Beechey Island.

Touching part of history with a visit to one of the last places the Franklin Expedition left its mark on the world. Walk around in the far North of this world, surrounded by little else then ice, water and a rugged surrounding. Touch the day mark once setup by the Franklin Expedition and visit the remains of Northumberland house and the graves of three of the Franklin Expedition and one of a later expedition in search of the first. 


This unique voyage will take you from Ilulissat, Greenland to Canada and back to Greenland in little over 3 weeks. 

There will be time for one or two stops around the Disco Bay area before setting sail across Baffin Bay to Canada. It is likely this expedition will stop at Pond Inlet to clear customs into Canada before setting off deeper into the North West Passage. 

After the big icebergs around Greenland and in Disco Bay, the ice of Lancastersound will be something very different. Wide patches of sea ice drift around. A close eye needs to be kept on the ice reports as well as outside and around the ship.

The anchorage at Beechey Island can be on the side of Erebus and Terror bay or on the side of Union Bay, both offering shelter from different directions. Depending on ice state and wind the anchorage will be chosen. 

Landing on Beechey Island is done by dinghy, on shore the hike will take up half a day to visit all the sights on shore. One or two members of the crew will go ashore with you to show you all the best spots.

On board you will find many books that are worth a good read, but for this voyage the book Erebus, written by Micheal Palin, is a must read. One or two prints are on board for you to borrow as you make your way North. 

Just like the North West Passage, this voyage much depends on the amount of ice that is met underway. This could mean you have to wait a day or two in a sheltered place before heading out into the open. 

Weather and Ice permitting other anchorages can be visited. Resolute can be attempted if the ice conditions are not too severe. 

These anchorages are well into Polarbear territory. This does mean that any landing is done under guidance and with a gun. You will stay in groups and are not permitted to wonder too far from the group leader. 

This voyages will be one with long sunsets and sunrises, as the sun will only disappear behind the horizon shortly when you set off from Ilulissat, Greenland. The most Northerly point of this voyage will be 74'45N!


Flights to Greenland are regular. To get to Ilulissat or Nuuk, there are several possibilities. Starting point Ilulissat is at the entrance of Disco Bay, beautiful scenery and worth an extra day or so. The airport is 4km from the harbor and there are usually taxies available or if you have a hotel booked, they will send a car to come and get you. Nuuk is a bigger city that offers several cultural highlights. The airport is at 3km from the city and can be reached by taxi.

Nature and wildlife are big highlights in this expedition. Starting with the rough terrain of Greenland, to the smooth beach landing on Beechey Island. The sight of Baffin island in the morning sun is not something you will soon forget, nor the extreme empty feeling of Devon Island at 74’45North. 

Starting from Greenland, there is a good possibility of spotting whales, so keep an eye out for them. But also at the threshold of the North West Passage, you will find an abundance in wildlife. There are Narwhale, Bearded Seals, Spotted Seals even Beluga whales to be spotted. On the ice or on shore one might spot a Polarbear, or muskoxen and Caribou. 

So bring your camera, it is more then worth it! 

The video’s above are made by Simon Damant during the North West Passage in 2019.

26 day voyage

15 - 25 years old €5.850 25>years old €6.500

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