Inverness – Den Helder

Crossing the North Sea towards the Netherlands will all depend on weather. Starting off in Inverness we can make our way out to the Petershead where we have a perfect spot to either set sail for the Netherlands or make our way South if the winds are not favorable. We have 6 days to make it across, which is enough for the 350 miles we need to cross. If at all possible, a beautiful stop over would be the Wadden Islands on the Dutch North-West coast.  Terschelling offers beautiful walks, a beach close to the harbour and a pub located on the beach with a beautiful panorama view.

sailing vessel Tecla

Texel is also a possibility, this old fishing port is just a few miles away from Den Helder. The inshore sheltered waters offer an amazing day sailing to Den Helder, almost with every wind direction.

Den Helder is an old Navy Port with a lot of reminders and still a very big busy Navy port in the harbour, now also big in Offshore vessels. The inner harbour for Traditional sailing vessels is on a unique location; Willemsoord is a well preserved old Naval base that is now open to the public and houses some restaurants, office buildings, a theatre and cinema. From Den Helder you can be in Amsterdam in 1 hour and 15 minutes by train.

Possible combination with Caledonian Canal

15 - 25 years old €630
25> years old €700

11 -17th of October