Isafjordur Greenland Reykjavik

T2017-11                 Isafjordur – Reykjavik – Visiting Greenland       

17-aug-17                3-sep-17

Price 25> years € 3.240,00            15-25 years    € 2.755,00

The end of the summer season is closing in, the ice is melting and the flowers are in full bloom. One last chance for the season to get to Greenland. This voyage will concentrate on Greenland, without a stop on Hornstrandir (unless weather dictates other wise). Setting sail from Isafjordur, you will head for Greenland as soon as possible. With one week planned in Scoresbysund, you will have time enough to explore one of the deepest fjords in the world. With Narwhals feeding in the calm waters and Muskox living on the green patches that sprout out from underneauth the snow and ice cap that is there 9 months a year. This voyage will then take you along the west coast of Iceland, with a few short possible stops and finish in Reykjavik.

  • Scotland

This will be our second voyage to Greenland ever, so this really is a voyage all about exploring and finding out new places to visit. It is also a voyage where sailing will be one of the main components. More then on the first voyage, as there will be over 250 extra nautical miles to cover, to get to Reykjavik from Greenland.

Join us on this adventure!

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