Jenny Lind Island

We made our way West tacking up to a light to moderate breeze and decided in the morning to stay the day on Jenny Lind Island.

Jenny Lind island has a sheltered bay where we can sail into the anchorage without using our engine. It is some way in with the dinghy, but the bird life on the island surely makes it worth having a look. In particular the Canadian geese and the Ross’s geese can be spotted on the island.

The Canada Goos is one that can be easily spotted with its white cheeks, black head and  smocky brown body. It is a native bird to the North that was first described by John Richardson, a surgeon/naturalist that traveled with Franklin on both his overland exploring expeditions in the far North. Jenny Lind Island has a Tundra like character, which is ideal for these birds.

On the island we find more reminisces of the DEW system, it makes for a ghostly appearance. The skulls of musk oxen add to this atmosphere and so does the abandoned hut in the far North of the island. Tomorrow we continue our voyage into Queen Maud gulf. Our track will be following the charted parts of the gulf, not wandering off into the uncharted bits, even if this means we can not do it all under sail

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