Kapissilit Fjord


We crept into Godhavnfjord the day be for yesterday. We left early that morning to beat the foal weather there. We nearly made it… There had been literally no winds whatsoever the whole day. 20 nml before we could turn in to the fjord system of Nuuk the winds caught up with us. Engine of and sheets eased, we had a good run. Just be for 20:00 we gybed and ran for the sector light in the entrance. It soon became apparent that the growlers where too numerous to continue through the night. We found a lovely little anchorage 5nml in and sure enough the hook didn’t touch the bottom, or the aurora was switched on! Next morning, we woke to a bright and sunny day and set of nice and early to make good time to Sulussugutip, 35nml to the east. This little fjord has great scrambling of all sorts and even an old Norse settlement. The remains of this settlement are really no more than a green patch among the other green… However, it is fascinating to think you are walking where these people used to live. A story goes that two rivaling families, one Inui one Norse set up a shooting match to decide which of the two would be allowed to stay. A Caribou hide was set up of a cliff as the mark. This all seems civilized… Where it not that the looser of the match was to jump of the cliff… The blond people where never seen again. They didn’t mess about back then.

 We attempted the summit of a 900mtr peak. The walk up there was just perfect! No wind but a lot of sun. Just 100 mtr of thew peak we aborted. The stones where all very lose and the last bit looked rather nasty. No loss though! We had a beautiful 360 view of the ice filled fjords and the peaks surrounding us.
 Next morning we were of under low clouds to Kapisillat only two hours away. The forecast was not to good so we were happy to not be on the coast! After yesterday’s hike the weather didn’t look particular appealing so the mood was less adventurous. Jorn made a dash for the icy fjord Kangersuneq. The idea was to see all the ice calving of the Kangiata Numaata Sermia glacier. The weather being the weather put a stop to this plan. Luckily for us even when the clouds are low, and it is raining the place still looks amazing!

Of to Nuuk! All is well Gijs

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