Kings Day

27’44.7S 116’27.3W course 298′ speed 8.3 kn

Last morning at 11:00 board time we put in a gybe. The course on our portside tack was loosing its edge towards Pitcairn and so we are now on a starboard tack, 18’degrees off the set course. But winds are expected to become slightly more North Easterly, which should give us the opportunity to head straight for Pitcairn and afterwards the Gambier islands.

On board all is well as we settle into our watch rhythm. Eat sleep steer and repeat. This may seem a little boring, but we keep busy very easily. Steering for 30 minutes is followed by entertaining with big stories of travel, books and the world. Even politics, which is very interesting as we have a international crew on board of 6 different nationalities. We have extremely well traveled people on board and starter world travelers. The ages range from 18 to 67 years old and all in between. Making the conversation topics during our watches varied and very interesing.

The weather has been good to us. We have had a few drops of rain during the day, but mostly we are cruising in the sunshine. We had some cloud cover during the afternoon, which gives our skins a chance to recover from the intense sunshine of the day before. So the going is good and the mood is easy.


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