Lack of wind, plenty of cold

Lack of wind, plenty of cold
Is this summer on the northern hemisphere? Is a question that has been asked a few times already during this trip.. Winter time in Brazil is a lot warmer, that is for sure!

After a beautiful night of sailing, we have had to start the engine this morning as the wind died out around 08:30. The ocean then went totally flat and by noon it looked like a moving mirror. In the afternoon we had a few hours of rain, as the cloud seemed to follow us around, or it might have been grey all around.. The mood was good though, all packed up in layers of clothing, we were rapidly moving closer to Ireland. Also the turned up heater downstairs might help.

The wind now is a bf 2 from the south or south south east, not enough to sail yet, and certainly not enough to give us the speed we need to get to Ireland before the strong Easterly winds get here. So for now we are under engine, just 30 miles to go to the continental shelf, EUROPE! And about 130 miles to go to the south west corner of Ireland.

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