Last stop in Brazil

We have left Caravelas and spend 24 hours on the Abrolhos. 7 of these hours where spend under water… scraping the hull clean off pocks and local sea creatures, that do not belong on this sailing hull! The weather was perfect and we got about 95% off! For Tony, our new crew member, it was a bit of a shocking welcome! His first day on board was spend taking in Diesel in Caravelas, which was done by putting a 1000l tank on a trailer and then without a pump emptying it in the Tecla. Luckily in the beginning it was low tide… but that did not last all day.. taking in diesel did however…

Then his second day we went to the Abrolhos, left at 8 in the morning and worked until the sun set! Muscle pain all over! Next day some more scraping, we left around 1 in the afternoon and motor sailed to Porto Seguro. Here we have to clear out of Brazil. Something we could not do in Caravelas, the authorities really wanted the ship in Porto Seguro to clear out. Now that we are here, it turns out we cannot enter the port at all because the sand bar is just a little higher then they think it is.. Luckely I (jet) got a lift from a local fisher man and went in front of the Tecla to throw our old fashioned lead to see how deep it was.. just about 2,5 meters on the bar…

Our last stop in Brazil – after Porto Seguro we set sail for the Azores. We have had an amazing time in Brazil. We lost our hearts to the beauties long the coast!

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