Lazy Sunday afternoon

24’15.1N 019’05.1W course 219′ speed 5,4

Ain’t no time to worry, when the sun is out, a breeze is filling the sails and the ocean is calm. We had a proper Sunday, working our normal routine, but no extra chores and a sunday beer at the end of the day. To make the day even more perfect, we had a visit from a pod of pilot whales! Several smaller animals were riding the small swell with the bigger animals, we counted at least 7 families.

During the day we had sunshine and some clouds. It was between 25 and 27 degrees, in the shade it was just perfect. The water temperature is 24 degrees. We haven’t spotted any flying fish today. We did spot a few smaller sailing vessels around. Right now we have one yacht just behind us at 2 miles. We are in a bit of a race.. sometimes they are faster, sometimes we are faster. Our course line is crossing as we are making more West. The wind is more Easterly right now and is supposed to turn back to the North East. Our course now has a little more west in it then necessary, but that is so we can go more South as soon as the wind changes.

Big low pressure areas are crossing the ocean on fairly low latitudes. This is also influencing our winds. The coming days the wind is most likely going to go very light.

The picture of the day was won by Josu, we just have to figure out how to get his picture on our computer… It is a picture of two pilot whales as they ride the waves. Very nice. In the meantime we will make due with this picture of Joanne where we are all looking aft at the pilot whales!

On our way to…

Al well on board, Jet

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