Les Gambier

23’01.2S 134’39.5W course 295′ speed 7 knots

Beautiful hot day

Today was just an amazing beautiful day sailing, with temperatures rising to 31 degrees celcius. Wind was lessened somewhat, but progress was still very good. In the evening watch we picked up on the reef South East of the Gambier islands, making navigation easier.

Other then that we washing days have commenced, to make all our clothing smell nice and fresh again. Drying our clothing outside is easy and quick, and makes for a festive look with all the colors waving around on the deck. For some the clothing on the line gave a bit of shade to lie in during the afternoon sunny hours. Reading a book, listening to some music or just staring at the horizon.


Right now we have an almost full moon shining us by as we sail our last 20 or so miles to Les Gambier. It is 01:05 board time right now and so we will sail until daybreak before entering between the reefs of the atoll. We have the outside reef on our radar at 12 miles now and will have to gybe in about 2 hours. But for now, I will go back outside and enjoy the soft evening breeze.

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