Let me show you around

Welcome on board the Tecla! With this virtual tour, we would like to show you around!!

When our voyages start, you will be welcomed on board by one of our crew. We will show you your cabin and after that, we will gather in the galley. In your cabin you will find a 2 person bunk bed, so you will share your room with 1 other person. You have a shower and toilet ensuite and a small washing basin for brushing teeth, washing your face etc. You have a small cupboard for clothing and room under neath the bed to store your bags! If you have unpacked your first bit, please follow us into the galley! Here you will meet the rest of the crew and our story will continue! 

The galley is the heart of the Tecla. We love good food and good company, so this is the place to be. When we are all on board, the Captain will give a short speech / presentation on the safety on board and what house rules there are. After that we go into the fun stuff. The Route, the Weather, the Ice expectance and what places we can visit. 

Below you will find yourself in the hallway between the rooms and the galley.

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