Lets go sailing

In 1 week time the Tecla will set sail for Iceland. Arriving around the the 9th/10th of July, we should be there in time to do our quarantine on board and let our first group in Iceland board on the 11th of July. 

Fun Business

The Tecla crew is looking forward to setting sail again and is very eager to show you some of the best sea connected sites of Iceland. We still have places available on board and would very much love for you to join us! 

We set sail from the Netherlands on the 28/29th of June. Our first voyage in Iceland will start on the 11th of July until the 18th of July, when we arrive in Isafjordur, North West corner of Iceland. Isafjordur is opposite of an amazing sailing ground called Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. If we have time we will visit at least one of the fjords of Hornstrandir. 

The second week focuses on Hornstrandir and will start on the 19th of July until the 26th of July. Hornstrandir is a uninhabited nature reserve, but for a few people who stay there in summertime as a holiday or as nature guides or biologists. We will go for amazing hikes, see waterfalls, ice lakes, Arctic foxes, many arctic birds and catch a few glimpses of whales in the main fjord and not have to meet anybody for days! 

puffins on a ledge

After the 26th we are set to go for Greenland. The first voyage has had many cancelations and is therefor only going to proceed if we find new explorers to come with us! If you are up for this, let us know, there are two voyages to Greenland where you can still join us. 

We can also offer an alternative voyage in the form of a longer voyage to Akureyri and back to Isafjordur (crossing the Arctic Circle! but staying in Iceland), but only if you are interested. This voyage should start around the 28th of July. So let us know! Send us an email, we would love to hear where you would like to feel the wind in your hair again. Let us know what your preferred “out of lockdown” holiday will go to!! If you would like to book your voyage, but are uncertain if you can come, please just let us know, we will reserve a spot and not ask for the down payments until all is certain. 

Official Business

Slowly through the last weeks, Iceland has been opening up her borders, now since the 15th of June, the borders are open for all EU/Schengen countries, with a demand of taking a corona test upon arrival and self quarantining for 24 hours, until the test results are in. You can find the following information on www.covid.is 

Passengers will also be asked to fill in a registration form before arrival. They will ask for your phone number and the address you will stay at for your 24h quarantine. So traveling with the Tecla on the 11th or 19th of July in Hornstrandir, means you should arrive at least 24 hours before you board the Tecla or, before you take the next airplane. 

For your period in Iceland you will be asked to install an app that tracks you. This will only function on land, in cities etc to track you if an outbreak should happen. On sea this app will not function, as we will have no to little phone reception anywhere. Sailing to iceland truly is a get away from all the hustle. 
On board we will keep to a set of hygiene rules which are developed and approved for our traditional vessels. This will include many sanitation rules, especially when coming back from a landing and meeting people, but it will also give us a lot of freedom on board, as we know those who have gone through the test, are clear of corona. 

So get out there. Roam free in Iceland!! 

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