Light wind and sun!

Light wind and sun!
It was a very quiet day, sun shining, small breeze, that
temporarily quit on us in the afternoon and a decreasing sea state. So time for
relaxation and for small jobs on the deck and in the rigging. As Sam and I came
on watch this afternoon we found the previous watch, we shall not name persons
(…), in hammock dangling next to the steering wheel, with a Quinten Tarrentino
soundtrack on the background. Maybe a bit too much Skylarking?

So to work
we went. Tony chose his favorite spot in the rigging working on our portside
ladder in the mizzen mast. According to him the best spot to see dolphins and
whales. Too bad for us that we have not seen any for days now… The maintopsail
came down for a few hours as we had to motorsail a few hours in the afternoon
when the wind disappeared. We used this short break in usage of the winch to
take it apart and clean it. After so many miles and so much work, it needs a
little TLC. Gijs and I worked on an article about our cape horn journey. Nearly

Around 16:00 hours this afternoon we could turn off the
engine again when the wind increased a little. We have been doing a steady 3 to
4 knots per hour and are still on a north north westerly course. The weather
report seems to be telling us not to worry as it predicts a low pressure area
that will dig itself in next to the Azores-high and will give us plenty of south
west wind in the days to follow. So for now we are enjoying our sunny mild

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