Light winds into Baffin Bay

Our virtual voyage continues and as the weather report predicted, there are light winds as we make out way into Baffin Bay. A Northerly breeze force 2/3 keeps us going just enough to not start the engine and enjoy our first days at sea, getting our sea legs going and our camera’s out for all the spectacular views.

Below you will find a video of our anchorage in Greenland. This gives a good impression of the Icebergs and the density of the first few miles out of Ilulissat. Right now we have more then 3 icebergs around, just enough to keep us on our toes, but no hazard for the navigation

On Thursday the 6th of August Gijs will give a live presentation on facebook where you can ask your questions and get live answers!! Don’t miss out – 6th of August, 16:00 UTC on the Tecla facebook fan page!

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