Magic Disko Bay

68’05N 053’34W

sp 7kn

cg 185

Disko Bay did not disappoint! It delivered the perfect day. Sightseeing amongst the giant ice bergs. Ilulissats Kangerlua, the northern hemisphere’s most prolific glacier keeps filling the bay with big chocks of ice. It sometimes is a challenge to find a gab in between all the bergs and bits. With the sun low above the horizon you need to stay sharp. Our new voyage crew find their way around the ship quickly. We keep the watch schedule going so everyone knows when to have a snooze. Not much of that with all this stuff to see though!

 At the end of the afternoon we find an entrance to Hunde Ejland. The charts have no depth here, so Krista and Soete go out in the dingy first to take soundings. They soon discover the little jetty is empty! Perfect place to end a perfect day. We stick out a little but that does not seem to bother anyone.
 The people on Hunde Ejland live a traditional life. They fish and hunt. In summer they keep their dogs on the little Islands surrounding the village. Very special to be part of this for one night.

 After dinner all eyes are on the night sky… The first people came back cold and disappointed. Still too much light. 2200 alarm goes off… still too light. But then at 2300 Jorn came in and with a little doubt in his voice he calls out “northern lights outside” Of course we all rush on deck to see the spectacle! Magic!!!! What a day!

All is well Gijs

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