Maintenance before adventure

February has come and gone. We have 1 month and 10 days left before the Tecla will be ready to set sail to the Orkneys and Ullapool. (This voyage has been shortened and lowered in price – if you are interested – read more here.)

The Tecla is about to set off on an amazing voyage. One that is unlike any other we have ever under taken. Setting sail not just for the Arctic, but attempting to pass through the North of Canada and then setting sail around Cape Horn to be able to visit the Antarctic Penninsula as well. 

So the maintenance and planning of all the work before setting off, has been our priority this winter.

The Tecla has been stripped down entirely. The masts will be made new; we are working on extra spars as booms and gaffs; blocks have been serviced and new ones have been ordered; deadeyes are new, new rope work, new varnish and new steering installation. We have new portholes, the aft cabin has new door panels, more storage space, new interior in the front of the Tecla and the floor of the Tecla will get a new look as well. 

In between all this, the crew has built a beautiful Orkney Yole and some of them are following the Seafaring school in Enkhuizen. They are an amazing bunch!!

The Tecla is a 104 year old herring drifter that has sailed around the world and hopefully soon she will succeed in passing through the North West Passage. She is an amazing vessel that will steel your heart if you let her. 

Would you like to see her before setting off on her amazing voyage, we are working on a special day / evening on the 13thof April to send her on her way. Are you interested to know more about this evening, please sign in to this special newsletter and we will keep you updated. 

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