Making a run for it

70’21.8N 130’30.7W course 060 speed 7 kn

We are getting the gittery bugs, the gut feeling, the go go go feeling, the really intense sensation of adventure ahead of us! So we need to go! Two days in Tuktoyaktuk was good, we were received with open arms, and made the most of our shore time. It being a Saturday when we cleared into Canada, made it difficult to get fuel for that day or the next, so we had to stay an extra day until we could get fuel on Monday morning. The extra day, was not great loss to us, as the wind in the bay of Tuk was strong and right on the nose during the whole Sunday. And as we got help from a friendly tug captain who got us in contact with the right people, we did not want to waste this opportunity to bunker up. Because now, if we want to, we could just keep on going, without any delays in other small harbors.

And so we are underway, currently using engine, but hopefully under sail after rounding cape Badhurst. The winds should be Northerly, which is good for the coming days. The ice North of Cape Badhurst is on it’s way South, but is too far off shore to cause us any trouble. And as we should round Cape Badhurst in a few hours, we should be out of the way of the ice for a few days. And then the real deal starts! Because that is why we have the gittery bugs, the passage to the east of King William Island and all the way through Peel Sound is opening up! There is free water to sail through and still daylight to sail by! SO we need to go!

Every body is exited to get out there. Get going again. The atmosphere on board is good and happy. As it should, as we have a birthday on board today! We have already sung songs and this afternoon there will be cake, with smarties on top!

It is also perfect weather for knitting woolen hats, the days are certainly getting colder, the clouds seem to carry a cold version of rain.. they are dark and heavy. This afternoon we had a beautiful scene to watch as the horizon was filled with dark grey almost dark blue clouds on one side and the other side had, what seemed to be, fog coming from the water. In between, the water was dead calm, oil like, with lots and lots of seals sticking their little head out of the water and then quickly disappearing with a splash. At one point I counted 8 seals all together! Other wildlife that we have spotted the last few days were Beluga, they came all the way into the bay and into the harbor of Tuktoyaktuk just meters from the Tecla they surfaced once or twice and then headed out again.

So, all is well on board, Jet

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