Making our way to Gjoa

We have a stretch of about 80 miles ahead of us, making for Gjoa haven. After a lovely dinner last night all retired early to make the most of this next day sailing. Winds are light but from the right direction and it will take at least 18 hours before we get to Gjoa, just so we can sail it all!

We have left the ice behind us and this feels liberating. We still have ice on the other end of the passage, but for now we can sail in clear waters. The watch can all sit together on the aft en enjoy a little sunshine, instead of spending hours in front to point out the ice ahead and in the denser ice days, point out leads where we could make our way through. It has been cold the last few days, no more than 4 degrees and some mornings even just above freezing temperature. Very different from our 2019 experience when the temperature was around 12 to 16 degrees in Talayoak.

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