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At anchor Pierowall, Westray

Drawing by Anette, her impression of the voyage

After a day wel spent in Kirkwall we had just about seen the main sights. One could stay a week or longer and still have plenty to do. The restless nature of the adventurer dictated otherwise. After breakfast we where of to see the church at Egilsay. It stands at the place where Saint Magnus was slain more than 900 years ago. He shared the earldom with his nephew Haakon. They fell out and Magnus was tricked into a meeting supposedly with out arms. Magnus prayed for the man chosen to kill him. Strike me a hard blow to the head and I will pray for forgiveness for your deed. And so a saint was born. 

The morning fog had lifted when we got back on board for lunch. We lifted the anchor and headed out to the neighboring island Rousay. It has often been referred to as the Egypt of the north. It is littered with ancient burial tombs. Patrick picked us up to go see the most famous one, Midhowe Broch and chambers cairn.  The chambers cairn is over 5000 years old and was excavated in the 1930’s. A big barn was build over to preserve the sight for future generations. Inside a walk bridge was neatly constructed to walk ‘over’ the tomb. Out side one of the 3 Broch’s was still early standing. This round structure provided housing and doubled as defense tower. It could also be seen from far at sea and could be useful as a land mark. At this short stretch of coast there were quite a few sites of intrest. The late 1700 croft houses were build on top of old Viking long houses. The remains were clearly visible! Well impressed we headed out to the pub after dinner. A good friend Callum gave us a lift and over pint we discussed the local live from creel fishing to Angus cross breeds with the other Rousey men.  The Island holds a special place and it was great to be local for an evening!

The morning sun saw us of to Pierowall on Westray we just made it before the strong winds came trough. We canceled the morning walk and are about to set of now. Less rain but more wind but that won’t stop us!

Hartelijke groet

Gijs Sluik

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