Memorial day and Tuna day

Memorial day and Tuna day
On the 4th of May, the Dutch have memorial day, a day to remember the people killed in World War 2 and those who have fallen in other wars. On the 4th of May, the Netherlands are silent for two minute at 20:00 hours local time and remembers those who have fought for our freedom. Out here on the ocean we held our 2 minutes of silence at 18:00 board time, at watch handover when we were all together. We turned off the engine and held our minutes of silence while watching the fast horizon and the waves rolling by. We then drank a beer on our Sunday and swapped war stories told to us by our grandparents. This way we remember.

But it was also Tuna day! Around 17:00 we caught a Tuna, Tony (the “Tony dog tooth tuna” – so named by Neptune) hauled it in. A proper size blue fin Tuna! So tomorrow (or today actually) we will set fire to our BBQ on the aft and celebrate the 5th of May, Freedom day, the day that the Netherlands was liberated in 1945, with a fresh caught tuna on the grill!

Other than that we have been motor sailing and have 472 miles to the Azores left. Wind is weak and the waves are still there so a lot of rolling. By now the high pressure area should have passed over us and hopefully this will give us southerly winds tomorrow, so we can celebrate freedom the way we feel free, while sailing!

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