Message in a bottle found!

On the 16th of November we cast a bottled message in the sea while we were on our way to the Canary Islands. We wrote it wondering where it would go and what adventures it would have while we were wrestling our way through the Bay of Biscay in the middle of November.

We arrived on Tenerife on the 30th of November with our small group, Jimbo, Jan Willem, Ruben, Nico, Bastie, Gijs, Sam and me (jet) and had not heard of our bottled message yet. Not knowing it was still plummeting from meters high waves, pulled by the currents and pushed back and forth on the edge of the English Channel, to finally end up on a beach somewhere.

But today we got a message from Alain & Mauricette Lalande that they had found our message about 90 to a 100 miles due East on a beach! Below their message to us

We, Alain & Mauricette Lalande, Pirou, Normandy, have this morning got THE BOTTLE !

(please next time use a french wine bottle !!)

Many thanks for that lovely message and by Neptune and Bacchus Grace we wish you too,  happiness, good health and all the many things you need to accomplish safely your world circumnavigation.

Let us know where are you right now ??
(At this moment we are looking for the arrival at night or early to morrow morning,of the Vendée Globe’s winner, did you already cross their way ?)

Sincerely yours
Waiting to celebrate your come back in your Winkel homeport

Mauricette et Alain


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