Moonlit night

25’06.3S 126’17.8 course 275′ speed 7,1 kn

The rain of last night cooled down the ship nicely. And although it looked like we would have rain for most of the day, we actually sat in the sunshine during the afternoon. Temperatures went up to over 27 degrees celcius and because it is quite humid, it feels a lot warmer.

To ad to the heat, the wind left us in the morning, while the showers were passing over. First some flogging of the sails in between the showers. But in the afternoon the wind completely died out and our speed went down to 1,4 knots.. so we started the engine for a few hours to keep moving. Just after dinner, the wind returned and we were soon making 7 knots again. It is always such a magical feeling when we turn off the engine and ease out the sheets. Preventers forward and back on track with a nice speed.

Tonight is our first 00 to 04 watch, where we have seen the moon, so we compiled a list of moon songs. Which is actually quite funny! From Blue Moon by Billy Holiday , to Yellow moon of the Neville Brothers https: // and maybe my favorite Poor Moon by Canned Head So now we are figuring out what theme playlist to make for tomorrow.. Any suggestions?

All well on board, Jet

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